JESUS CHRIST there’s a plug in my car like a legit plug and you have to turn on a button for it to charge anything AND MY MOM LEFT THE BUTTON TURNED ON FOR LIKE 48 HOURS

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Natasha in pajamas for offtide, who is the most talented and the sweetest uwu

Turned into Nat skyping with some of her boys before bed!

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danneel is so fucking important


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OMG this is priceless. I hope it doesn’t get cut.

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last night i had a dream that jensen started using that one twitter that everyone is suspicious of, but it was only because misha had convinced jensen that the only people that could see what he was tweeting was him and danneel

so he would be tweeting all of these weird things between takes and stuff and didn’t know how to check his notifications


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Sweet + Smooth + Character = Jensen

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Preview of the extremely bad decision I made with all of my vancon food money. Don’t regret a second. Got some amazing pics, will post later.

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