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brOTP to end all brOTP’s: Maggie Lawson & Tim Omundson 

Q: Your characters have become an integral part of each episode - each storyline. Tell us about working with the writers and how that’s developed. (x)
Tim: It just sort of happened. It’s a testament, honestly … to the work that Maggie and I have done. We are very close in real life. And so, I think, that relationship comes through in Lassiter and O’Hara, and I think the writers see that, and it’s natural and it’s developed. We’ve also become really close with James and Dulé, and I think it’s natural that these characters would crawl forward a little bit more than you normally get in a show like this.
Maggie: I feel like I struck gold with this partner that I have on the show. I feel like, from the very first day … it was instant. There was something. We got along; we got each other. As you said, (the writers) know how close we are. They know how to write for us, because we are so close in real life. And we absolutely have each other’s back on the show, I think first and foremost. I feel like there was a natural thing that just sort of happened with us. It was like, “Oh, wow, I get you.”
Tim: These writers, they’ve all been around for a long time on our show. We know them really well. I know these guys, and occasional gals, better than any group of writers I’ve ever gotten to work with, and so that also translates onto the screen. They are 1,700 miles away, but they come up and we socialize. And we see each other on hiatus. And we’ve developed friendships with a lot of these people. It just makes the writing that much richer. And Maggie and I are fantastic. … Let’s not forget that.

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